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“Single Man Married Man” is a blog dedicated to navigating the intricacies of dating.

We focus on the general aspects of dating that apply to both men and women, and are here to help provide insights and tips to not just help our readers succeed at dating, but succeed at the resulting relationships long-term.

With a wide range of aspects directly related to one’s success or failure in a relationship, there is plenty to learn from this blog.

We take you through the initial steps of texting, and go on to your very first date with a person with whom you hope to start a long-term relationship.

Then we help guide you through more significant relationship moments such as getting intimate in the bedroom with one another, as well as ultimately moving in together under the same roof.

Check out the menu above for all of our informative blog posts and learn all you can about building and maintaining successful romantic relationships.

And thanks for stopping by our blog!