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The Most Common Mistakes In The Bedroom

So you’ve been out with him or her on a few dates, and are looking to make the move and get into bed with them.

This is definitely a worthy accomplishment, and one that you should be proud of.

But this doesn’t mean that you are totally in the clear and can truly consider yourself dating and past all of the major relationship hurdles.

In fact, how your “first time” goes can literally make or break the relationship, and thus should be treated with the utmost care.

Luckily for you, we are here to help you out and avoid costly bedroom mistakes, both for your very first time, as well as in general.

Now for your very first time, it is so important that you both take it slow.

In fact, until you’ve actually done the deed, you should go into the night not expecting it to happen, at least not fully.

Just because there is a certain vibe between the two of you leading up to the moment of truth, it doesn’t mean that things can’t change.

In many cases, your partner, can wind up backing out and wanting to hold things up until next time.

If this happens, feel free to press them lightly and try to salvage the situation, but if they don’t budge, then do not press any further.

Continuously pressing them will not just close the door shut for the night, but could potentially close the door for the rest of time – in other words, you can be seen as only wanting them for sex, and thus they will not want to be with you in any capacity from that point forward.

If you take it slow, then rest assured that your night in bed together will definitely be coming, sooner rather than later.

It just may not happen that very night, but be patient.

For couples that are doing it for the first time and for long-term couples alike, it is important to stay protected, not just from sexually transmitted diseases, but from pregnancy as well.

Wearing condoms each and every time you have sex will help alleviate both of those concerns.

And if you are more concerned about getting pregnant, then birth control pills and other contraception may be all you need as a solution.

However you decide to proceed, make sure that you are both in agreement upfront, and that you are communicating honestly and openly.

And speaking of communicating honestly and openly, it is important not just to have that mindset in terms of safety, but also in terms of enjoyment.

If you and your partner have been having sex for a while now, there is no shame in trying to spice things up in the bedroom, so long as you communicate it with them upfront.

There are a lot of great things you can do, such as trying out new positions, or even inviting a third or fourth person into the bedroom to join the two of you (obviously with the consent of all parties involved).

Even sex toys like those found at places like Blissful Cherry can be strategically used to enhance sex, contrary to the widely held belief that such toys are only good for masturbation purposes.

The only thing that is truly off limits are the things that both you and your partner do not consent to.

Otherwise, anything goes and can truly go a long way towards keeping your sex lives fun and enjoyable, which is a key component to any lasting relationship.

From your very first sexual encounter to all of the sexual encounters that follow, getting intimate with your partner is something that we all look forward to.

But at the same time, there is a lot of cause for concern with regards to making sure the experience is absolutely perfect, for both you and your partner.

With these tips in mind, you will be totally prepared to absolutely kill it in the bedroom each and every time.